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  • Project Management
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  • Statistics applied to clinical research

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Our Learning Center of Excellence

For more than 25 years, FORMATIS, formerly CLINACT FORMATION, has been training the actors of Clinical Research and more broadly the actors of Healthcare product development 

More than 9 000 people have been trained over the last 25 years

Our Training

Clinical Research Associate

Guarantees the proper monitoring of clinical trials, the quality and accuracy of scientific data collected during clinical studies.

Clinical Study Assistant​

Essential player in the development and follow-up of clinical research projects, contributes to the documentary, administrative and financial management of clinical studies.

Clinical Project Manager​

Ensures the proper conduct of studies in accordance with the protocol, regulations, ethics and procedures, from the preparation of documents (protocol, CRF, center documents, etc.) to the closure of the trial.

Clinical Data Manager

Develops the electronic data collection media (e-CRF and e-PRO), builds a database and prepares a clean data set, ensures the consistency of the data, verifies its reliability and guarantees a high quality of the final database.

More Training

Pharmacovigilance Manager

Assesses and monitors the risks associated with the use of the drug before and after marketing and proposes measures to minimize these risks.

Clinical Research Nurse​

Contributes to the performance of nursing procedures in the context of clinical research, to the collection and entry of clinical data, and ensures the safety of the participant.

Clinical Study Technician​

Actively participates in improving the quality of research involving the human being, most often in a hospital setting.

Develop new skills

Regulatory News France And Europe

Discover or update the regulatory requirements of clinical research in a constantly evolving context both locally and internationally.

GDPR Application In Clinical Trials​

Gain knowledge of the rights and duties of data controllers, but also of the people involved in clinical research.

Good Clinical Practices​

Grasp to master the set of principles whose purpose is to ensure the safety of individuals participating in research and the quality and relevance of the data generated.

Clinical Assessment Of Medical Devices​

Learn about the expectations of the regulations and how to prepare a Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) that will be part of the file demonstrating compliance with the regulations for the marketing of a medical device or its renewal.

Clinical studies Methodology

Understand the structure of clinical studies and thus be able to enhance the exchanges between the various stakeholders, whether they are familiar with clinical research or not.

Writing Of Scientific Articles And Vulgarization

Learn to adopt an adapted methodology and a well-defined sequence of actions for writing content for scientific and non-scientific audiences.

Scientific Writing For Regulatory Purposes​

Acquire knowledge for writing the essential documents of clinical studies in compliance with the regulation and authorities.

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